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I am worried about fluid build-up after a mastectomy. I had a mastectomy in January for cancer. The second day after the surgery, the drain popped out by accident, causing a major problem. There was a huge build-up of fluid after this and they kept on aspirating it, but eventually they had to re-attach the drain surgically and after that it was okay and the drain was removed. Well, now I had a preventive mastectomy on the other breast because I am BRCA 1. I was so careful with the drains due to the prior experience of having one pop out by accident. When they removed the drain two weeks ago it was down to 20cc. Now there seems to be a slight build-up of fluid in my back (I had lat flap surgery). They told me it would most like go away in a few weeks and that I should wear a compression garment and they would keep on aspirating it for now, but I am worried because of my previous experience of having to have surgery to re-attach the drain. I picture myself going into the doctor's office for months on end to have it aspirated. Can anyone else share their experience with fluid-build up after mastectomy and what happened? I am getting so sick of this. I know it could be worse, but I feel like my life will never be normal again. Ohilly


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    Ohilly, Though I didn't have
    Though I didn't have a lat flap, I had a bi-lateral mastectomy last year and had tissue expanders put in. I had a drain on each side. One was taken out after two weeks and I did have quite a bit of fluid build-up on that side. The doc aspirated it once and that took care of it. The other one I had in for almost four weeks because it kept draining so much. I had fluid buildup on that side also, but fortunately, it went down on it's own after a week or so. Hoping yours goes down on it's own also. Hang in there girl! I know sometimes it doesn't feel like it, but your life will get back to normal, a new kind of normal maybe, but it does get better! Best wishes! Fran