TAC or Dose Dense

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We met an oncologist today and we were given options of either choosing TAC (conventional - given every 3 weeks - 6 treatments) OR Dose Dense (AC - given every 2 weeks - 4 treatments and Taxol weekly for 12 weeks).

Can someone tell me waht are pros and cons???? Please help.

With both therapies (options) - my mom will also have to take neupogen shot for 7 days following each chemo treatment. Is this common too???????

She is also advised to take Arimidex for 5 yrs. (since she is ER+). She HER2 negative.

She was node positive (6 nodes positive). Is that the main reason for suggesting chemo therapy??? Why cannot she just take Arimidex and NOT take chemo????? Is that even possible???? Is chemo absolutely necessary??????

Please HELP.


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    I think that when there are positive nodes they always give chemo because there is a chance that cancer cells have traveled elsewhere in the body. Chemo can root them out and destroy them. Dose dense chemo is quite a bit harsher than the 3 week schedule because you get less time to recover between doses. I would get a second opinion and go with what your doctor recommends. Good luck, Eil
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    I had dose dense. I am 50.
    I had dose dense. I am 50. I did not find the recovery time too short. In fact, I continued working. The neulasta shot probably helped with that. I was just glad to get chemo over with and actually jumped on the chance to do it faster. I think the dose dense is showing slightly better results, another plus for me. Chemo is no fun no matter how you slice it, but it is doable. It is different for everybody so being worried about anything in specific is hard...you just never know how it will be (except for the stupid hair falling out part!)My best wishes to you and your mother, love, Joyce
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    I think that my first
    I think that my first thought would be your mom's age and her health conditions. Many of these drugs cause heart problems, so that would be 1 question to ask the oncologist. They should do a MUGA test on her before starting chemo, so that way they'll know if her heart is healthy enough. I went through 8 rounds of adriamycin/cytoxan/5FU every 3 weeks which was pretty doable until the last 2 that got me pretty sick. Everyone reacts differently to the chemo regime, so other than telling you that for sure she will loose her hair, she may or may not be nauseas. She will definitely be tired no matter which chemo she does. In my opinion I think that having 6 positive nodes I would probably go for the more aggressive one to make sure any stray cell is killed off. Best of luck and keep us posted, Hugs, Lili
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    Following lumpectomy for
    Following lumpectomy for early stage invasive bc, Sentinel node biopsy was negative. ER, PR, HER2 negative so I will not benefit from hormone therapy. Chemo and radiation were recommended as the only options to reduce the risk of recurrence. From what I understand, if lymph nodes are positive for cancer cells then chemo is usually recommended. I'm still receiving chemo treatment which is 4 rounds of T/C every three weeks. I receive a Neulasta injection 24 hours after chemo which helps to boost WBC because mine were dangerously low after the first treatment. Everyone reacts differently to drugs so you should be aware of the possible side effects, but don't expect to feel a certain way. I hope this helps. Good Luck!
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    Thank you all
    Thanks everyone for your reponses and sharing your experiences.

    The duration will last almost the same for both regimens.

    1. TAC - every 3 weeks (6 treatments) = 4.5 months

    2. Dose Dense - AC every 2 weeks(4 treatments) + Taxol for 12 weeks = 5 months

    So I guess it is a personal choice,right?????