chat down again?

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Well, once again I cannot enter chat. The java symbol and the little connect button appears but that is as far as I can get. This happens so frequently, its getting very frustrating. Before they "updated" chat we never had any of these problems. Anyone else having the same problem??

P.S. I watched "living Proof". It made me cry of course. Any show about cancer makes me cry. But I did think it was good. I thought it was neat to see the inside (short version)story of how a drug goes from research to approval. Hope everyone is well, Eil


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    Hi Eil, I tried the chat
    Hi Eil,
    I tried the chat room, and it did the same to me - got the java symbol, but couldn't get it to connect either. I've never done the chat thing, so thought it might be neat to see what goes on, but oh well! I watched "Living Proof" also, and it made me cry too. I cry over the littlest things in movies anymore, but especially the ones about cancer! I liked the movie though. Have a great day - Fran