myxoid liposarcoma of left thigh

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My husband was diagnosed with a myxoid liposarcoma in his left thigh in late July. When it was noticed by us it was the size of a walnut, that was in the beginning of July. By the time he had the biopsy it was the size of a large softball. He underwent 28 radiation treatments. It did not work. The tumor grew during radiation, but because his whole leg almost tripled in size, you couldn't tell. Afer the swelling went down I thought it had grown. We just went to the orthopaedic oncologist yesterday and he confirmed that the tumor has replaced the muscle in his thigh and has grown completely around the femur. We are going to get a 2nd opinion at University Hospital in Cleveland at our Dr.s insistence, but he will probably have a complete amputation of the leg. W e are very scared about the cancer spreading to the lungs( so far it hasn't). Has anyone else had a tumor grow this fast and go so bad? What are the survival rates? Please help us with info.


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    I was going through my husband's paperwork that we need to take to the Dr., and discovered that there had been a revision from liposarcoma to Myxofibrosarcoma. The questions I have still stand. Thanks
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    Don't understand...
    I don't quite understand something... Did they not surgically remove the tumor?
    I remember through my experience there was once a threat of possible remmoval of my leg (or other physical change/side effect), but my tumor did not grow to the size you have noted.
    As for the size, I have had multiple liposarcoma tumors over the past ten years, and had them surgically removed and the area radiated. From the time my third tumor was discovered to the time it was surgically removed (three months later), it seemingly grew from golf ball to grapefruit size.
    My expereince is that they should be scanning the area every three months following discovery (less the time for surgery and radiation). Has this not been done?