flap surgery

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I can hardly believe that the time has already come for the latissimus flap surgery that just a month ago I was posting questions about. Thankfully, I am not too anxious. Thanks to some lovely ativan to take at night to sleep and not lay awake "thinking" about it. My "nest" is already to go, lots of pillows, portable dvd player and chick flicks, chocolate in my secret hideaway (hope I don't forget being on pain meds where i put that chocolate) and the many who are praying me thru the journey. The big day is thurs the 23, 2pm. My sister is flying in tomorrow, my hubby and kids are all in position to carry out all the things I usually do around here. Restoration process, and rest is important. That being said, I won't have access to the computer for 2 weeks (bedrest and compression stockings-cute :) I will miss reading all the topics and updates of all you who are so encouraging, sharing your joys and your concerns.


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    Hello Melanie,

    Just wanted to chime in and wish you well, I will lift you in prayer this week. Sounds like you have everything in order (love the hidden chocolate notation). Take care, I look forward to hearing from later.

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    Melanie: Good luck with
    Melanie: Good luck with everything. You will be in my prayers, and I am sure everything will be just fine. Hope to hear from you soon, HUgs, Lili