Do I need to change my doctor?

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I remember when I went to the first visit with the oncologist on March 08, before having the mastectomy. He explained everything very good, he was so patient, he answered so many questions I had, and he told me he was going to be there for me any time, I could call him and he was going to return my call.... Well, it didn't happen. I didn't call too many times during the chemo, but the times I called I always got another person calling back.
Now I have my first appointment after the 3 months post chemo. I'm getting anxious here, some pain under the ribs that goes and comes, and just anxious, this going to the doctor to be checked that the disease is not back... I was supposed to go this Wed, they called me 2 weeks ago and reschedule for the following Monday. I came home from work today, and I had a message saying I need to call to reschedule again. And it makes me more anxious and nervous this situation... can I feel confident with this oncologist, or is he so busy that he will continue postponing the appt, or sending me to another onocologist from the same office, that I don't know?

Is this something normal to happen, or maybe I will have to start looking for another doctor? Maybe they are so "used" to CA patients they don't care too much, but for me, this is my life, I am the patient, and I want more respect and commitment.
I really need your input!!! Thank you so much!!


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    Dr.s do run into glitches and need to resched. appt's, but you obviously want to see him soon. Tell that to the person who is scheduling. Don't let them run you around too much. I've finally, in my old age, started getting more assertive and they actually accomodate me. Tell them about your pain and anxiety. You don't have to yell, or even get nasty, just stand your ground and tell them you've changed a couple of times for them and don't feel comfortable about doing it again.

    I would, if necessary, remind her of what the Dr. said about being there for you. Hospitals and doctor groups are all into "customer service" right now---that's why they send out surveys---bottom line, they want your business (spelled "m-o-n-e-y").

    Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
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    Yes, indeed, stand up for
    Yes, indeed, stand up for yourself. Wether or not you need to change is up to you. You know how we want the doctors to tell us the bottom line...tell him your worries, bottom line, and let him respond. I had to change my onc. and my chemo clinic. I am so glad that I did. Not only do I have better "service" now, I have the invaluable feeling of being in control. Think about all the care we put into the decision of what pair of jeans to buy. Use that for your doctors. Look in the mirror, is your butt covered? I wish you the best, what ever YOU decide! love, Joyce
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    Hi Sylva: I think I would
    Hi Sylva: I think I would give him/her another chance. Try to get in to see him and express your concerns. You need to be more assertive and a little more aggressive after all you want peace of mind. Hugs, Lili