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does any one on this site live in or near lorain ohio im thinking of going there but dont know about their small cancer center


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    Dee; Don;t live in Ohio so I
    Dee; Don;t live in Ohio so I wouldn't know. Ask where they were trained. Usually, for certain cancers such as breast, colon and prostate they all follow established procedures. It gets rough when you are battling a rare form of cancer that needs to be done in a big university center. So, I think you will be in good hands. Hugs, Lili
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    You may have already made
    You may have already made your decision by now, but I would also suggest asking for patients who don't mind being contacted about their experiences at the facility or Doctors(or give them your info and ask them to get folks to contact you). Find out if the facility is covered by your insurance. Maybe see if there is a website and if they say any articles have been written about it, check them out. If they are written in a reputable journal, it could give you some info. Maybe talk to Drs. in another facility to see if they would refer patients there. Beyond that, not sure how to go about researching it.