thank you all

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thank you all for your kind words. ive been sick and go tommarro for port flush start the arimidex this week. praying all goes well with it . i have to move soon. my son and his wife said they want their house back. my heart is broken. i told them it would be a while before i would be able to back up and go. but i guess its rough on them. i cant sleep from thinking about my dau. cancer this dumb pill and now moving. i know god can make a way. im praying where he would have us to go. money is a factor as im sure with alot of us . thanks again deedee


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    Dee my prayers are with you
    Dee my prayers are with you hon. Hope all goes well with you. Praying your daughter is at peace now and that everything works out for you. Keep us posted. Hugs, Lili