Still around--just TIRED

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Hi ladies, I didn't go away I just finally got kicked in the butt by the chemo.
I'm still trying to go to work as much as possible but am considering taking a LOA and going on short term disability. Going to discuss it with ONC this Wednesday proir to chemo.
I'm aabout 1/2 way through and each treatment is slowing me down more and more. I have been ignoring the computer and had 250 emails to sort out. Yesterday was a good day almost 3 weeks since last chemo.
Saw a GREAT show on TV last night on Lifetime channel about the man who invented Herceptin. It is on again tonight Called "Living Proof"
I will try go get back here more often and I hope to have more good days and less nasty ones
Fatigued but still kicking.
Bill S


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    We miss you
    Thanks for the update Bill. Sorry to hear that you are so fatigued. I know chemo can really get you. I have wondered how you were. Keep in touch. Good luck with chemo this week. Eil
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    Shucks Bill, I was afraid
    Shucks Bill, I was afraid you had forgotten us. I am so sorry you are having such a hard time with chemo. I'm glad you checked in and come back to visit again. Wishing you a smoother sailing, Hugs, Lili
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    I remember when I was a
    I remember when I was a cross country runner, running a long race. Along the sidelines were friends, teammates cheering me on. What can you say to someone who is close to spent of energy to encourage them on to the finish line? The standard was "good job!". Not, "you'll make it", or any promises about an easy future. Just praise for what has already been done. And somehow, that praise gave me the strength to keep pressing towards the finish line. So....GOOD JOB BILL!!!!love, Joyce
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    Hi Bill
    I was wondering

    Hi Bill

    I was wondering where you were. Sorry your having a hard time with chemo, hang in there and remember you're half way there and we're here for you.

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    Congratulations on having made the midway point in your treatment! I am glad to hear from you as I have wondered how you are doing. Keep your chin up and be kind to yourself, this will all be behind you soon! Wishing you well!!!!

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    Welcome Back!!
    I was out of town and didn't see your post until just now. Yes, that fatigue thing is a kicker, isn't it? Creeps up cumulatively. I remember being amazed that such a level of fatigue even existed. Like I entered an episode of the twilight zone and couldn't get out again. And I was so pale and of course bald that my b/f called me Powder!!!
    Thankfully, it does reverse itself! Before diagnosis and its subsequent treatment I was just a normal woman; and now it is obvious to all that I am an attacking 50 footer! The only downside to the chemo is not that I gained just under 45 FEET in height, but I glow in the dark! I had to give up playing hide and seek, but I am thinking of hiring myself out as a
    super sized glow stick at sporting events!

    Glad to see you, you were indeed missed!