Looking for someone who has done bilat. recon. with your own tissue.

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Hey, this is seof. I am still looking for someone who has been down the road I hope to go down. I have had bilateral mastectomy and want to have bilateral reconstruction, prefreably diep, or tram flap. There are 2 Drs. in my part of TX who will do this bilaterally (several unilaterally). Has anyone done this? What's the experience like...surgery, recovery, life after that?


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    Seof: I had the tram flap
    Seof: I had the tram flap done on one side only. My girlfriend had both done 1 week before me. We are both extremely happy with the results. I had the right side done, so I lost the abdominal muscle on that side. My friend had both sides done and she doesn't feel any different. Granted she doesn't exercise, but she doesn't complain about not being able to lift herself up, so I don't think the absence of her muscles has affected her much. If you have more specific questions, feel free to email me here. Hugs, Lili
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    Diep Flap
    I had diep flap on both sides Aug. 26, 2008. I did Surgery with PRMA in San Antonio. My Doctor was Dr. Chrysopoulo or Dr. "C". It was tough, very tough. But Dr. C is GREAT. He told me I would feel like a 18 wheeler had just run over me. He was right. E-mail me if u want to discuss the surgery. [email protected]. For 6 weeks I wasn't sure I had made the correct decision, but now things are starting to look up.

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    diep flap
    P.S. I did not loose any abdominal strength. I live on a ranch and need to lift 50lb.feed bags after awhile.