pain and more tests

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I thought my homorne therapy (Lupron) and the addition of lupromide would work. Apparently not. I have to have another total body bone scan 10-23, to see what spread is doing. Also the hormone (Lupron) therapy isn't working all that well. Doc put me back on flutamide but I I still could not lose the bladder catheter that had been in place more than 5 months. After another total bone scan on 10-23 I am to have TURP and orchiectomy on 10-31. I am afraid I am among the unlucky guys that have the fast-type of Pca instead of the usuall slow type.
So, please hope for the best for me, and I hope for the best for all of you. I wich I could kick cancer in the butt. Maybe someday. Love and best to you all. Larry F.