Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer question

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My sister, 38 years old, was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer a month ago. Cancer has spread to distant organs (like lung, bone, and liver) . She is now on her 1st cycle of chemo with taxo and avastin (3 times a month). Not sure if it can be treated successfully. Is there anybody out there who has knowledge of this situation or knows somebody going through this?

Thank you.


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    I don't titan but I will
    I don't titan but I will keep you and your sister in my prayers. Hugs, Eil
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    Titan, there are a couple of
    Titan, there are a couple of women here that were diagnosed with stage IV. I am hoping they can give you more info. Saying prayers for you and your sister. Hugs, Lili
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    STAGE 4 BC
    Hello Titan, sorry to hear of your sisters health problems. In 1998 I was a stage 4 bc with cancer that had spread to my chest wall in the upper left quard area. I was successfully treated with 4 cycles of Adriamycin, 4 cycles of Cytoxan and 4 cycles of Taxol along with 10 weeks of radiation. It took nearly a year to do this and I was sick and exhausted but I never gave up hope. It has been 10 years and I am still here. During this difficult time be as supportive and as positive as you can be, there is always hope. Sending cyber (((((HUGS)))) to you both.

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    Hi Titan. I'm also a stage
    Hi Titan. I'm also a stage 4 metatastic bc survivor. Mine came back in the lining of my rite lung. I was first dx in Dec 2002, had a mastectomy and was put on tomexifen. I was clean almost 5 yrs before it came back in Apr of 07. I had 7 rounds of taxotere and put on femara. I was in remission for exactly one yr when it came back again in the same place. I just recently started my chemo, which is avastin and abraxane this time, and is also taken 3 times a month. Tomorrow will be my 3rd treatment. You didn't say where your sisters cancer came back or where it started. I'm praying real hard that it can be successfully treated. I know there are several people who come here that are stage 4 and have been around for a long time. I guess a lot of the answers you need depend on when the mets were found and how far they have gone. I know she must have a lot of questions, because I feel kinda lost sometimes wanting to know how all of this is going to come out. My prayers are with you and if you need to talk some more please post and we'll try to help any way we can.