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I have currently been undergoing tx including Torisel injections for almost a year....I've read all the materials for traditional tx which some seems to be fantastic...but I was wondering if anyone has any information on alternative tx? I've done limited research but I've found it's always easiest to learn from people who have actually gone through it! I'm only 24 and quailty of life is beginning to become more important to me than modern medicine, so I would greatly appreciate any advice! Thanks so much!!!!!


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    RCC new trial
    hi, i found out last oct, 07, the my RCC had returned, met to my liver, in Nov, 07 I began taking Torisel, it worked well until may 08, then the RCC met to my left hip bone, i had a bone replacement, that tumor removed, for the tumor on the sancrum, i was given radiation, and then i went on sudent, (TERRIBLE STUFF...BUT....MY TUMORS in my liver began to shrink, the largest being 11cm shrunk to 8 cm.) Because i had such a terrible time tolerating the sudent, i just began a new clinical trial i've been waiting to begin for a year now.

    If you want to look up the information it's AS1411 I'm actually in the hospital in Louisville, KY right now with this treatment flowing in my veins. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO side effects EXCEPT gained a pound in a day, because of the food, the food is good and all you can eat pretty much. After they put the pickline in, no pokes, no more needles, they drawl all blood from the line, the chemo is fed thru the line, I just sit here, talking, playing games and watching tv.

    No sickness, tiredness (except that they wont let you sleep a solid 8 hours without taking vitals - which i can deal with), no diareha, no mouthsores, feet or hand problems thus far. People I've talked to that's already finished the first hospital round say there is still no effects, they feel great.

    The trial is being conducted at JAMES GRAHAM BROWN CANCER CENTER in Louisville, KY. under Dr. Labor.