Neurapathy symptoms

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Hello ladies,
I'm having some strange sensations lately and I was wondering if they are the beginnings of neurapathy. I have a chilly and numb feeling at my upper thigh. It tingles like I just had a cold raising....and then I feel some kind of muscle stretching in my toes on the same left leg and feet. I'm feeling no pain or burning...just cold chills!! So what do you all think?? ~~~~Joanne


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    Good be
    Hi Joanne, very likely could be neuropathy, talk to your doc about it. I also get some odd things going from being low on magnesium. My feet have spasms alot and more tingling in my legs. I now take 800mg mag twice a day. Dr adviced. Hugs bonnie
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    Numb upper thigh
    Hi Joanne,
    After my surgery and when I was well on my way to recovery, I noticed that my left upper thigh was numb-feeling. When I asked one of the doctors about it, they told me it was because of the removal of lymph nodes during my hysterectomy. I might not have noticed it, but when my purse bumped my leg, I'd feel it.

    The chills sound like neuropathy, but maybe you hadn't noticed the numbness before you got them.

    I've been having leg cramps because of the tamoxifen I've been taking, and a lot of hot flashes. My husband has been amazed when he wakes up at 4 in the morning or so, and I don't have a sheet or blanket covering me. Maybe we'll save on heating the house this winter!