Happy tears

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Today I'm starting to really believe there is an end to this process as I've finished my LAST radiation treatment. I don't remember the last time I had happy tears. It's also scary knowing that there is nothing more I can actually do or the medical field can do to be sure this really is the end. Love and faith are both blind but here's to taking the leap. A whole month without a Dr appt, almost unheard of. I still need to get rid of these expanders and get my implants but for today I like my tears!!



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    We shed Happy Tears with and for you!!!! It is truly amazing that you are here from when you were first diagnosed, isn't it???? I know that it feels as if you are walking a tighrope without a safety net, but as each day passes, you will get more used to that idea and get on with the business of LIFE After Cancer!!! Congrats!!!

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    Hey! You get your life back!!!
    YEA!!!! I remember that feeling....both happy and a bit on edge....hard to believe you are being released!!!!

    I likened it to graduating from High School....here's your diploma, your life choices are yours....go get 'em!!!

    As you read my post, I am 3 years out (4 years on rectal cancer) from treatment on my breast cancer...and IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!!!!!

    BIG HUGS!!!

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    Hip hip hooray and a great big hug for completing treatment!!!! Yeah, aren't those happy tears wonderful! I clearly recall what that feels like, a bit scary and a whole lot of wonderful! I am 11 years out from my 1st dx and 1.5 years from the last dx. Now get out there and enjoy the life you have worked so hard for! Congrats, congrats, congrats!

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    Woohoo Dawn and congrats.
    Woohoo Dawn and congrats. Sharing those happy tears with you. Now, get on with living your life post cancer. Hugs to you and to many more happy years, Lili