dealing with incurable (doc prefers instead of terminal)

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I feel kind of bad since so many wonderful people on this site, which I just discovered, have so much worse conditions to deal with than I. Cancer of any kind is so devastating, so lonely. I have metastatic prostate cancer spread to pelvis, spine, ribs, etc., diagnosed in June but probably have had it for a long time. Kept putting off seeing the doctor until ER doc had to put in a catheter since I was totally blocked. Have had one in place for more than 5 months now, driving me nuts.
New: I have had severe back and hip pain last few weeks. Even Percocet doesn't help much. Guess cancer is spreading. I am to get a full bone scan Thursday 10-23, will see what the prospects are after that.
Since catheter has stayed put for more than five months,and hormone therapy is not heping much, I am to have turp and orciectomy on 10-31, depending on scan results. And my mental health counseling has gotten screwed up at least for a while, my HR folks at work are trying to straighten tha ou for me.
I am sorry but I think I will give up this site even tho you folks are so nice despite your troubles. An easy final solution seems to be more of a better option to me than before. And in the long run it does not matter anyway. 100 years from now no one will care whatsoever about some ancestor.
Love to you all, and I truly hope researchers will find cures for this stupid disease. I love you guys and hope for the very best results for all of you.
Larry ( Yes I am a dumbo Yank but please don't hold that against me. Love to all.... Larry



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    Nodawgs....Additonal reading inspiration
    Read Nodawgs blog in this section. The guy has had everything done and he still seems to keep up his spirit.
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    shipjim said:

    Nodawgs....Additonal reading inspiration
    Read Nodawgs blog in this section. The guy has had everything done and he still seems to keep up his spirit.

    I hope you're still here, Larry
    Larry, PLEASE don't give up? I really hope you're still here. I wish I'd been here right when you posted that. I would've tried to talk you down from that place where you were with it. I would've stayed right with you until you could see more clearly. I can only hope and pray that you're still around, that you just haven't felt like talking...that you'll come back.
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    Exsqueeze me Mr. Larry don't you even think about giving up
    Hey you were there for me, now let me and the others be there for you. Don't even THINK ABOUT GIVING UP.
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    Still Here
    I'm glad to see you have decided to stay with us. It was good to have you come into the chat room tonight. You can get and give so much on this site. I truly don't know what I would have done if it weren't for the support I get here. I'm finding that posting allows me to voice my thoughts and the responds help to put it all in perspective for me. It like having a sounding board with so many people to bounce things off of that you are bound to figure out what it is you are looking for an answer to in all this.
    Hugs and prayers