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has anyone ever had more than 7 nodes pos. i also had a 5by5cm microcalciphation mass. i went to indy today a big cancer hosp in ind. the dr said have to take the arimidex cuz im at a very high risk of reocurance. 60% 5 yr survival rate.


  • KathiM
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    Only 2 here....
    My sentinel nodes (2) were involved, so they removed the next set of cancer there...

    But I'm sending my hugs...

    Hugs, Kathi
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    I have two nodes positive.
    I have two nodes positive. But, one of the women I have talked to on Y-Me had ten nodes positive. Many, many years ago. When I first started talking to her, a long term survivor, I thought...yeah, you probably had one of those sweet little DX's and when she told me how many nodes, it gave me courage. I hope it does you too. And treatment is so much better now than then, things like herceptin, and maybe even two week chemos instead of three weeks, with a neulasta shot to up bone marrow production has been proven more effective. That is new too. (And that is what I got). Also, radiation has gotten more exact. By the way, when I got my radiation, due to tumor size and nodes, my radiologist did the treatment at four different sites in my body, the breast, the breast bone, the arm lymph nodes and the neck lymph nodes. Even though only the arm lymph nodes had tested positive. The other sites where just in case. I liked that. I hadn't known it was an option to do more extensive radiation and I am glad he offered it, so I pass that info on to you.
    As you can see, I often recite all the reasons I have to hope. It is a good practice for beating back the worrying.
    Best wishes and love, Joyce
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    Positive lymph nodes...
    Hi kevindee,

    I had 9 positive lymph nodes. I am partway yhrough chemo now and then will have radiation. I will also have Herceptin infusions for the next year.

    Hugs to you,