Can a flu vaccine or Hep A vaccine increase the CA??

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Hi again everybody!!

Well, I was feeling a little bloated and got a little concerned as I also had some diarrhea.
So I went down and had a CA125 done. (I had finished 5 rounds of IP Cisplatin Chemo in April, and the Dr. said in May that I was "in remission").

Anyway, my last CA's were 3.5 in May, and 4.3 in July. Now it has jumped to 9. I realize
that this is still in the "normal" range; but it has more than DOUBLED, which of course, has
me freaking out and sleeping even less!! In the past my CA hasn't gone up that quickly.

The week before that CA blood test was drawn, I received the flu vaccine, along with a
Hepatitis A vaccine. Does anyone know if these vaccines could have caused my CA to increase?

I see my Oncologist Oct 28th, and will also get another CA done that same week. Until then, of course, I'll be worrying!! Gosh, if I could just erase worry from my life; it'd be so much easier!! (or would it??)

God Bless you all, and keep smiling.

~Susan xoxo