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Well, I went in today for first round of abraxane thinking it wouldn't take very long (suposed to be a 30 min infusion with no need for the benedryl) and found out the doctor also orderd avastin with it. And they did the benedryl treatment also. Doctor is out of town the rest of the week so all I could do is ask nurses why. When I had seen the doctor Monday he did not mention anything about the avistin. Nurses there just said they had to follow the orders they were given. They did give me some info on it so now I have 2 sets of side effects to worry about. Have any of you ladies had avistin. I looked it up on the search board here and I didn't see a whole lot of things that I liked. I have heard good things about abraxane and so far I don't feel nauseated or anything. Any info on these two things would really help.

Hugs to everyone


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    Hugs to you!
    Wish I had info/experience about avistin~ but I don't! In lieu of that, I am sending hugs and wishes for you to have an easy time through this chemo "adventure". We love you!

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    Hi Linda: Haven't had
    Hi Linda: Haven't had Avastin but I wanted to wish you a smooth journey through this round of chemo. Sending you hugs, Love ya, Lili
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    Can't Help, but...
    Linda, like those before me, I have no experience with your meds. But, you are there for so many of us that I just had to say that I will be pulling for you and praying for you and hope that you won't experience any of those debilitating side effects that you've read about. Remember, we are all different and we all react in our own unique ways. Hang in there kiddo. Hugs, Marilynn (((((((((HUGS))))))))))