Severe dehydration

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Well, after my last upbeat post about the chemo effects getting better, I ended up at the cancer center yesterday with severe dehydration. They gave me two hours of fluids and more anti nausea meds. I was so weak I had a hard time standing up. I am going back in today to get my labs done and get more fluids. This will be my third time this week that I have had to get IV fluids (Friday, yesterday and today)chemo was last Thursday. I am drinking about two and half quarts of fluids (mostly water) but it doesnt seem like it is enough. Anyone else know of this happening? I am taking Taxetere, Adriancytn, and Cytosan plus a bunch of other meds when they give the IVs. All I can say is I'm really exhausted!! Thanks everyone:) MJ


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    Could you be drinking too
    Could you be drinking too much at one time? What about popsicles or sucking on ice or eating jello?

    Does the doc have any other anti-nausea meds he can give you that work better?

    You poor thing!! You should be tired!!

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    You didn't say if you were actually throwing up or had diarrhea. Both things could dehyrate you. Are you sweating a lot? What does the Dr. say about your labs---Kidney function, electrolytes??? those are usually tested in the basic labs we all get routinely. Like a Basic Metabolic Panel, or sometimes it's called a Chem 7, or Chem 14 or 20.

    Did they ever tell you how much, or what to drink?

    Give them a call and ask , but I'm sure you already have. Calling beats a visit to the ER, any day!

    Good luck, let us know what happens!
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    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{WARM HUGS MJ}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    MJ; I am so sorry you're having such a rough time with chemo. You didn't say in your post if you were vomiting or had diarrhea which would cause dehydration. I had adriamycin/cytoxan and 5FU and though I was very nauseas, I didn't vomit until my last 2 treatments. I had 8 total. What did your dr prescribe for the nausea? Mine had prescribed anzamet which worked pretty well. Hugs to you MJ and I hope you feel better soon. Lili
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    don't know yet
    I'm sorry things have started out so rough.I will be starting the same program as you in about 3-4 weeks. Whats your stage and grade, and was there lymph nodes taken out? I'm 43,and am a stage 2a or 2b.....grade 3, had 25 nodes out, 1 was mastastasized,tumor was 1.5cm.I had a lumpectomy. 2 surgeries for margins.....port put in yesterday.Did you decide on that treatment or was it just offered by your onc?..Keep in touch on here...I really would like to know how your progressing on everything.I will put you in my prayers, thats all I have to give,Theres a great group of people here, believe me.....they have been very helpful to me in so many ways.-Shannon