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I never knew what Vats surgery was untill Soccer an Cabott said they had Vats surgery to remove parts of their lungs.
I guess now they are able to remove a whole lung with that surgery.
I looked it up it was kinda interesting Beats the heck outa The Jaws of life .
I remember my surgen telling me after the surgery I did'nt even break a rib.
Heck two an a half yearts later it still feels like he broke all of them.
But he was proud an I guess he had a right to be. They used to just cut them outa the way.

I read a article the other day they are removeing body parts from your throat.
I thought I was going to do that just coughing up pieces of my lungs who knows may if I kept coughing I might not have had to have surgery.
Hope you are all getting better.


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    Thinking of you
    Yipes! That sounds like one heck of a cough! I wish there was something I could send by email to make it go away. Since I can't, just know that I'm thinking of you today.

    C. Abbott