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My 46 year old brother was diagnosed a month ago with non-small cell adenocarcinoma which has metastasized to the right hip, top of the right femur and at T12 and T8 on the spine. He was going to be part of a clinical study in St. Louis; however, he has developed blood clots in both legs and they won't accept him into the study now. He is very down in the dumps right now. We are a Christian family and believe in God's wonderful power of healing. My brother just called me and he really, really needs to hear about some survivor stories and maybe the names and (if possible) phone numbers of survivors he can talk to. If you are one of those survivors or know someone, please contact me at or my cell phone # i (618)638-5715. Thank you so very much and may God Bless.


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    Chat Room
    I would encourage your brother AND you to have a look at the chat room on this very site. It is an open forum for survivors and caregivers alike, and is about more than just cancer, a place where folks come to talk about issues but also to talk about their triumphs and daily lives. I cannot say enough about it.

    And please note that it is open to caregivers as well!

    Because it is a chat room, it is a more or less 'live' experience, not quite like being in person or on the phone, but pretty close, and in some ways better, because you have time to formulate questions and answers.

    The chat room looks forward to seeing both of you!

    Take care, and best wishes to your brother and his family,