Feeling a bit better:)

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Thank you everyone for the replies to my 1st chemo tx. It is now Monday and I am feeling much better. Bone pain is down, nausea has gone away. I am still a bit tired and just resting today. May go to work for half day tomorrow if I feel up to it, just to 'test the waters'. This stuff is really potent isn't it? The onc nurse says now they know how my body reacts to the drugs and will be sure to adjust the doses for the next tx. You all are so wonderful to support me as I go through this uncharted territory! MJ


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    hi mj, i believe we spoke for a second in the chat room last night, i was just so tired so i didn't talk much. i'm so glad you are feeling better today. that alone is a blessing. well continue to keep your spirits up, rest when you need to, listen to your body (that is what my dr's tell me all the time) if you feel up to it like you said, try to go to work for the half day, but if you're not, don't push yourself. during this horrible time....we all learn ME first!!!!!!! take care of YOU first.

    talk to you soon and my prayers and blessings go along with a hug.

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    Good News!
    Oj MJ~ that you are feeling better is good news, indeed!! I am glad that your cancer center is working with you. It has been my experience that they are truly interested in our well-being and will go out of their way to make sure this part of the journey is do-able!

    Take care of yourself!!

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    Feeling Better
    Hi MJ: So glad you are feeling better. Listen to your body, it sometimes gives loud and clear signals. Don't overdo the work issue. Glad I saw you in chat. Hugs, Lili