This is for you men that have had Low anterior resection surgery

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Ok, sorry girls, but I don't think you can help me. I'm not even sure the guys can help, but here we go.

My husband had low anterior resection surgery on the 15th, the doctor had explained to us that there could be damage to the nerves that control erections, but he said that he rarely had this problem with his surgeries. Anyway, it is now 13 days since his surgery - he is feeling good and last night was even a little "frisky", which is fine but when he started to get excited he had pain, he couldn't exactly tell me where but he said it's not where the incision is. We are now worried that maybe the nerves were damaged, but we were never told that he would have any pain associated with it.

So, my question is -- do you think that this temporary seeing that it is only 13 days since his surgery? Do you think it's caused from swelling? Or do you think that this permanent? I have never read of anyone having this problem on these discussion boards.

We don't see the surgeon for another week, we will definitely need to talk to him about this.

Thanks for any help you can give us.


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    Hi Sandi, The answer to your
    Hi Sandi, The answer to your questions are probably, probably, and who knows. There certainly is a lot of swelling going on after just 2 weeks post surgery. And from my own experience the spirit was more than willing, but the flesh was still a bit weak, and there was a bit of pain. Is all the effect of surgery, drugs, stress, etc permanent? Who can say. Hopefully things will get pretty much back to normal. What doesn't we have to do our best to adjust to the changes. I firmly believe that in the long run it's certainly tested my mettle, and I'm a better and wiser person for what I've experienced with the 'beast'. So give it time and things should get better. Carl