Low bed... potential problems?

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I'm not sure if anyone has even experienced this same situation. It's a silly question but here goes...

We have 2 little girls (1 1/2 and 4 yrs) who sometimes sleep on our bed. As such our mattress was simply placed on the carpeted floor, we never bought a bed! It's a fairly thick mattress (almost knee height in thickness).

Has anyone had problems/pain getting up from say a low bed/chair/stool after open surgery (not laparascopy)?

Thanks in advance.


  • apache4
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    Need a bed
    I would surely recommend that you get a bed. It is very difficult to move around after surgery and I cannot even imagine getting up from that level. You should also take a minute to dangle your feet off the side of a bed before getting up to avoid fainting. I do that even now as the side effects from chemo still make me a bit dizzy. Also, you need a comfy place to take naps and getting up and down from the floor might make it harder to want to take the rest. I had the regular surgery, but had a laproscopic hysterectomy a few years ago and was also uncomfortable after that. Good luck.
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    Not a silly question
    By all means get a bed - getting up from the prone position is very hard after surgery. If the bed is higher you can get to a sitting position and then push yourself off.

    Adding a boxspring and frame will also increase the life of your matress and make it more comfortable. Your 4 year old won't have any trouble, and the little one will probably due fine with just a little help.

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    bed not required
    My wife and I have never had a bed -- just a mattress. I never had any problem after my LAR getting up off it. YMMV.