good news for friend and more waiting for mom

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Well, the good news is my good friend who is a breast cancer survivor (dx stage 3, 1 round of chemo & mastectomy) received great news that her cancer has not returned and she is still NED. She has a cyst on her kidney that the doctor wants to keep a close eye on but nothing further.

As for my mom's pet results, the darn results won't be in until monday. Extreme frustration has consumed me for the moment, luckily my brother has agreed to train for our triathlon right after work and will be running 5 miles with me (that should help sweat out the frustration). Apparently the radiologist has not read them yet, nor dictated them or released them to her oncologist so I can't get the results ahead of her. So, instead I am forced to wait all weekend.


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    great news!
    Kristi, I am so glad for your friend! Sorry to hear you will have to wait through the weekend for your mother's results. Enjoy your father's birthday party tonight and enjoy your run! It is raining here.