Can't Have Medical Procedure Unless NED

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Next week I am having endovenous laser ablation on my legs to relieve pain and swelling from varicose veins. The doctor is a phlebologist (vein specialist) and he was very specific that the procedure could not be done if I had "active" cancer. I told him that I was diagnosed in March 06 with Stage 1 cc and since my resection I had been NED. He asked how I knew that I was NED. I explained that two follow-up colonoscopies and two thorough physicals had shown no indication of recurrence. I'm guessing that his unwillingness to do the procedure if I had "active" cancer (as he called it) was a CYA since the laser is inserted into the bad veins. Anybody ever heard of not having a medical procedure unless you are NED?


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    I'm guessing it could be because he would not want to just do the procedure and then have you start right up on chemo which could affect the healing of his procedure. However, he could explain it to you if that is the case. Hope it all goes well for you.