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I smoked for 20 some years, quit in 2000, and found out I have cancer in 2007. It started with a dry cough. They treated me for pneumonia. I kept coming back with chest pains. They finally did a CT Scan. A tumor about the size of a grapefruit was on my lower left lung. They staged it at stage IV and incurable. I began chemo treatments and finished after 8 sessions. The tumor shrunk to the size of a walnut. Although it was so close to my heart they couldn't use radiation. They decided to remove my left lung. That was the worst recovery time I've ever experienced. But I'm alive, it is June of 2008, and I am beginning to have hair again. The cough is coming back, I'm having chest pain, and I was told there are 2 enlarged lympth nodes in my right lung. They are right by my pulmonary artery. The next step is to see a pulmonologist Monday. They think I have relapsed. I'm so sad.


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    Thinking of you
    I can only imagine all the struggles you have been through to get through the last year. I don't know what lies ahead any more than you do, but know that someone is thinking of you tonight.

    C. Abbott
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    I am sorry to hear of your situation and your sadness (which is obviously understandable). But think of this: cancer has taken much from you and it appears it is about to take a little more. Do NOT let it take your joy at living and being with loved ones away from you as well.

    It gets what it gets, but sometimes we give it more of us than it demands.

    Chin up, my friend. Hope and humor! The pulmo dude may have some viable options, and even in a worst-case scenario, you are still here, and you still have life to be lived completely!

    Best wishes for some positive answers on Monday.

    In the meantime, take care,

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    Hi always
    I had my left lung an some lymps removed in 2006 . An you are right it was a hard recovery. Here is some hope I still have a lot of pain in my chest .Just think of all the nerves they cut WOW !!!
    That is some bad trama on your body.
    Don't give up you beat the worst of it .Just keep thinkin you will wake up one morning an the nightmare will be over.
    I smoked for 52 years guess both of us are lucky we can still breath with one lung.
    Dont give up. My prayers are with you.Hope every thing turns out great.
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    As long as you breathe every morning there's life
    I am sorry to hear of your possible replase. I am in a similar situation of the left lung stage iv cancer incuarable. Mine is wrapped around my pulmonary atery-inoperable. I was able to have 8 sessions of radiation which shrunk the tumor evough so I could breathe and stop the chest pain. I have been through several combinations of chemo drugs. I had reactions to a few types and had to start on new regimes. I am hoping to have a new set of scans soon to see how much it has shrunk.
    As it was said, cancer will take what it takes. I hope you don't let it take your spirit.
    I wish you luck and good news.