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I lost hair on my head and legs following the first round of chemo (T/C), but I kept eyebrows and eyelashes. Will I continue to lose hair with each subsequent chemo? Also will 2nd chemo side effects be worse than the first?


  • base61ball
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    side affects
    With the c/a it was pretty much the same each time - the fatigue increased some, but the symptoms were about the same.

    As for the hair - some will be stubborn and stay, some will go. I lost nose hairs, but not eyebrows. Did not lose all of my eyelashes. Its different for everyone. Some people lose all body hair, some dont. Oh and wouldn't you know I lost all the hair on my legs except for one patch on the shin area on each leg - go figure.
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    Chemo side effect
    Hello Derbygirl,
    I completed 4 rounds of cytoxan/taxotere chemo
    and every after infusion gave bone aches and pain.
    I get the chemo on a Friday and by Monday get the
    shot then start the aches and pain. I did take some
    pain meds and I didn't work the whole time I'm on
    treatment. I experienced mild nausea but the bone
    pain is unforgetable. Everybody is different, you
    will get through this. I will pray for you. Take care.
    God bless, Liz
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    hair loss
    Hi Derby: I went through 8 rounds of adriamycin/cytoxan and 5FU, lost my hair (on head) exactly 2 weeks after the first infusion. I also lost all the other hair except for the eyebrows by 2nd infusion. My eyelashes thinned out by the 4th. All in all, I faired fairly well except for the last 2 treatments. I was able to work through out the treatment, I took of Fridays and got the treatment then and basically rested all weekend. Everyone reacts differently to chemo and I'm praying you will do well. Keep us posted. Hugs, Lili
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    Side Effects
    I did 4 treatments of adrimyacin/cytoxin followed by 4 of taxol. I didn't lose my eyebrows and eyelashes until I was totally done with chemo! The following month they sort of disappeared, but by that time new hair was starting to come back.

    The side effects did seem to be a little worse each time, but I just made really sure I took my anti-nausea meds on schedule, not waiting for myself to feel bad to take them. It was much more do-able than I would've thought at the beginning of the journey.

    You can't look ahead and plan. Just make it through one chemo session at a time. You can do this!!!
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    Cumulative Effects
    I was on taxotere and cytoxin (4 rounds). Lost the hair on my head at day 14 and noticed loss of hair all over by day 16. My eyebrows didn't go until after my 4th chemo. I believe the loss of hair has everything to do with the timing of the chemo and the timing of your systems growth cycle for hair on various parts of your body. That's the only way to explain it that makes any sense. Hope this helps. P. S. My eyebrows grew back quickly - they are lighter than before, but they are back. My hair is also coming back. I'm not quite 5 months out from my last chemo. Hang in there. Hugs, Marilynn