radioimmun therapy using either Bexxar or Zevalin for refractive lymphoma

Gail Lester
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My husband is at the stage for radioimmune therapy but we need to decide which drug, (Bexxar or Zevalin) we want to use. Since there has been no head-to-head clinical trials on these we are interested in talking with anyone who has undergone treatment already and what your thoughts are about side effects, keeping the lymphoma in remission stage longer and for how long....anything that might be helpful to us with this decision.

I have researched and found many articles but would like to have a patient's point of view.

Thank you so much

Gail Lester
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  • Rio331
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    Another Lead - Your Decision Process
    Hi Gail,

    I just logged into the discussion board today. You and your husband may very well have made your decision already, but another avenue to explore is your local chapter of LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society). They were very helpful with connecting me to other survivors who had specific and similar experiences to mine, but from the other side of the fence (in remission for years, etc). I felt the process to be comforting and very helpful in making some otherwise difficult decisions.

    Best of luck to you and your husband...and may he remain in remission and be cancer-free soon!
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    Your decision

    We too, are in the decision making process. Bexxar or Zevalin? Did you decide and have you proceeded with treatment?