FDA Approves Anti-Nausea Patch



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    Very interesting - thanks
    Very interesting -- thanks so much for posting. I note that it is not expected to be available till the end of the year. Darn it -- I'm starting chemo again tomorrow! I'd love to hear if anyone has tried this as part of a clinical trial -- or I don't know if it might be available already in other countries (I see the company who developed it is based in Scotland). I'm going to ask my oncologist about it. I'm always in quest for a perfect/better antinausea med!
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    anti-nause patch
    It's always good news when a new drug comes out to help us with this fight. I went to check what pill form of granisetron was to see if i had tried it. It's Kytril, if anybody is wondering. I had been given a sample, but never actually used it enough to know if it worked. I would up having to go on the Emend-Decadron combo which was a blessing! Hopefully this patch will be affordable! Thanks for the link! Mary