7.2 lb baby and 6 lb tumor

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My story is one of strength, determination and love.

I had given birth to a beautiful heathly 7 lb 2 oz baby boy on April 22, 2007. The doctors delivered Matthew by c-section (vertically). The week following my delivery, my vital signs were deteriorating and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong. They thought my body was septic so they performed another, should we say c-section to have a look inside. While undergoing my second c-section in a week, the doctors discovered a 6 lb tumor attached to my right ovary. (all along assuming this was a large fibroid growing inside during the pregnancy) During the surgery the doctors removed both ovaries to ensure the cancer would not spread from on to the other. The doctors also noted a lymph next to a major blood vessel was affected and due to my degree of sickness, the doctors were unable to remove that area. After the surgery was completed I was transferred to the ICU unit and remained there in a coma state for 2 days - while my new born son remained in the nursey being looked after by staff.

Waking up and conscious I later found myself in the observation unit for several days until I was able to get my strength back to stand and take steps. All the time only knowing I had surgery, but not knowing I had cancer and that they found the tumor. My husband had opted to keep that information from me until I was in better health and a state of mind. So I moved from the observation unit after 2 days back down to the maternity ward for another 5 days. It was the day before I was let go that my husband had asked the doctors to come and discuss the surgery. I remember that day so clear...I had my dad, my husband and friends and of course doctors in the room and everyone knew but me. I was shocked and saddened as I gazed over at my 2 week old son imagining what the next years will be like.

Doctors had informed me I had germ cell cancer and that treatment would commence a week after my departure from the hospital. So, as I left hospital in a wheel chair, I held my son tightly and prepared for the long road ahead.

For 4 months, 5 days each month, I travelled 3 hours with my new born son to Edmonton, Alberta for treatment at the Cross Cancer. My husband was unable to go because he had to finish a contract, and my dad had just moved to Bc, and of course my mother passed away with lung cancer a year and a half prior. I was alone in the hospital holding my son and caring for his every need while I had nursed treating me with chemo. I remember those days so clearly. Here I was so sick, but I was only concerned about feeding and changing and holding and loving my newborn son. I truly belief that I had a strong sense of determination to get through the treatments because I knew someone needed me. I thank God and my family and friends for their support and love during those scary months.

Today, at 33 years old and coming up to a year since my last treatment, I feel blessed and praise God that I am here and kicking today. I've learned that it's so important to look to tomorrow and keep pushing ahead.....always, always think of the positives and the loved ones in your lives. I continue to have regular blood checked and various x-rays and ct scans. I've come a long way and only look to the future. My hair is growing back rapidly and I'm a healthier 50 lbs lighter than post pregnancy. I feel great and hope that if you too are going through some rough times just know that there are people all around you that really care and don't for a second let yourself get done.

Keep believing........


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    I love this story!
    Welcome! Your story is so motivating. Thank you for that. I am happy you have found this site and have shared your experience with all of us. Enjoy that little baby every moment of every day. I am 43 and my daughter is going to be 25 years young on Sunday. She grew up so fast. I had the ability to stay home with her during her late elementary and high school years. Even though things were tight financially, I opted not to return to even a part-time job. I was blessed to be able to do that and I have the best memories of that time. You are blessed with a healthy baby, and a great outlook on living.
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    What a great story of the human heart and love,hope and stength. I celebrate your upcoming anniversary with you and I know there will be alot more of them, (((hugz)))~~~Joanne
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    Thank you
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. We celebrate with you and believe with you. Saundra
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    Thank you and congratulations on your baby
    Thank you Lisa that is great and you are absolutely right to lean on others it helps and these wonderful ladies on the cancer network.
    God Bless
    Sandy Green