Cancer spread to lymph nodes - Can chemo take care of this (Dad has had disease since 2002)

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My dad was diagnosed 5/02 with stage IV. He was thinking about getting radiation on lungs and liver (totally possible) until we found out that he has activity near his lymph nodes on ct scan (near esophagus). He is starting folfox + avastin + xeolda next week. Has anyone had chemo completely erradicate cancer in lymph nodes? We have not had much success with chem killing cancer. If we can get rid of what is in the lymph node area, he can have the procedure done to his liver and lungs. Any thoughts?


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    I do believe chemo can kill the cancer cells in the lymph nodes. This is why it is done after surgery when lymph nodes are involved, to stop them in their tracks, knock em out and make sure nothing lands anywhere else!
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    No specific history
    Hi. Sorry no specific history with chemo and lymph nodes , but wish your dad well and keeping him in my prayers. Xeloda, oxal and avastin worked very well on my husband when he had that regimen to shrink liver mets , and got him to the point of a liver resection. Unfortunately right now we are in limbo on a possible reoccurrance, but I believe had it not been for that regimen we would not have gotten this far. So, keep a positive thought that it will work . I think anything is possible if it's God's will. Keep us posted.

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