second mastectomy

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I seem to move from one fear or obsession to the other. I received a lot of support from this board about my fear that my hair would never grow back: well, the good news is that it IS growing back! Every day I see a little progress.

Now I am writing about my upcoming second mastectomy on Sept. 18. I had bc back in January, had a mastectomy, and afterward I found out I was BRCA 1. I decided to have a prophylactic mastectomy on the other breast. Has anyone else had this experience (second mastectomy, or prophylactic one after the other breast was removed for cancer) and was it as bad as the first one? I am terrified, but at the same time in a strange way looking forward to it because maybe it means I will never get bc again (although I realize you can still get it even after a mastectomy).

I am getting more and more scared as D-Day approaches!



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    Almost there
    Hi Ohilly,

    I haven't had a first or second Maestectomy, but just wanted to send my good wishes to you. I think there's greener pastures (and lots of hair!) ahead for you. I liked the first part of the sentence: " . . . looking forward to it because means that I'll never get BC again . . ." Forget the last part in the parenthesis! You've gone through very agressive treatment and you've fought like a champ. You're almost there, Ohilly! Stay postive and keep saying that line to yourself. It's true!

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    Hey O'Hilly: So glad you're seeing growth every day. Can't say I have had your experience, O'Hilly, but wishing you nothing but the best, and remember your words, you will not get BC again. You're in my prayers. Hugs, Lili
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    second mastectomy
    I had a second mastectomy in march of 2008. I like you, was scared to do it, but I am more scared of the cancer returning. I realize that you can still get cancer behind the chest wall but I need some sense of normalcy. This second mastectomy gave me that. I am so glad I had it done.