Abdominal Fluid

Shelley Hawk
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Hi ladies,
I have heard some of you talk about fluid filling your abdomen and was courious about this.
I am about six weeks out of surgery and my abdomen seems to be filling out again.
I have never had great abdominal muscles and after having 2 kids the second of which was over 9 lbs I haven't had a flat belly in years.
I'm not sure if it's just due to my gaining back 6 lbs of the 15 lbs I lost due to surgery or if I should be concerned?


  • carol2dogs
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    Abdominal fluid
    Yes, you should be concerned about abdominal fluid. The good news is that this is one problem that can be alleviated without pain or complications. There is a simple procedure called paracentesis that will remove the fluid. I had this done twice and it is wonderful. They stick a needle in your side (after numbing the area), attach the needle and tube to containers, and wait for it to stop draining. For me, the fluid build-up happened after surgery. After my second paracentesis, the fluid build-up stopped.
    Please be proactive and insist that the fluid be removed. You'll feel SOOO much better!
  • BonnieR
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    talk to your dr
    Hi Shelley, please talk to you oncology team about the discomfort you are feeling, it could be fluid or it could be something else. They need to hear how you are feeling so they can figure out why. OKAY?? Please promise me you'll talk with them. Hugs N Prayers Bonnie
  • Shelley Hawk
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    I will follow up
    I will see my OBGYN who did the surgery next Wed. I will be sure to ask him about this and see if he can figure out if there is anything to worry about or any fluid buildup or if it is just some swelling and is healing fine.