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Dear all.,
Please help me to find International financial support to cure lung cancer of my husband. First his cancer was diagonised Primitive nerve erymobic tumor. After his chemotherapy (the chemotherapy was made in Beijing) he still well. But after 2 years (this year) the cancer spread to his lung and cut off his right leg. Now, here in Mongolia he has chemotherapy. But it is not so effecting. He is suffering everyday. We spent all our money to cure him. Now we don't have money. In Mongolia salary is very low. It is impossible to go another country by own money. Please help me to find international financial help.... It is my last way... I'm very sad to lose him. He is very good person. Not smoking, not drinking. He is botanist, biochemist. Also he investigates medicinal plants of Mongolia. He has Msc degree in his field.

If you have any information please send me e-mail:


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    international help
    gerelmaa try this site. It mentions International help toward bottom
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    call the city
    I don't know any information, but maybe you need to find a job where you have medical benefits, so your husband can get the medical atention he needs. I'm looking for a job too, because the medical benefits with my husband will end soon. because he is getting the medical atention through his job, but his is not working anymore. so I can understand your frustation. But also call the city where you live, they must to have a medical assistante for low income or some kind of program.

    Good luck!!!!