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Hi Everyone,
This is my first post as I just joined today. I had surgery in July for what my gynocologist thought was just a really big cyst (26x19x10). That turned out to be stage Ic Ovarian cancer. I was very fortunate that it started to hurt enough to make me go in. I started chemo about 2 1/2 weeks ago and have my second one of six on Thursday. So far so good. No nausea thanks to the meds, and only a couple of days of nasty body aches. I did end up cutting the remainder of my hair off today though. It started shedding a little last weekend, and sped up through the week. This morning it looked like I had either bad hair plugs, was trying a combover (combsideways?) in back, or both. Fortunately my husband has always had a thing for that gal in the first Star Trek movie. : )My biggest relief so far has been that the CT scan I had the day before chemo started was clear of any signs, although my CA-125 count was still a little higher than the dr. likes. By the way, I turned 45 yesterday.

Good luck everyone. My prayers are with those of you who are having a tough time, and my applause for those who are doing well.


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    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, im new here as well but im sitting on the side of the fence buti have a loved one dying from this monster, I read alot of post and i keep seeing everyone aying they had surgery would you be so kind to tell me if the suurgery was a hysterectomy. and if so what is the difference between debulking and hysterectomy
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    debulking vs hysterectomy
    From what I understand, a hysterectomy can be just the removal of the uterous and cervix. I had that done about 10 years ago, but at that time they left the ovaries (now I wish they'd taken them). Debulking means that they remove as much of a tumor as safely possible. I'm sure there's a better total explanation, but that's all I know.
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    I'm With Ya
    Hi, I'm Shelley I had my surgery the end of July too.
    What you said about a big cyst, sounds just like me, Stage I C Grade 3 cancer.
    Still have hair but, it's going fast. I go again this Fri(9/5)for my second treatment.
    I know lots of Breast cancer survivors but, no ovarian cancer ones.
    The surgery has left me still hurting and the now wonderful menopause symptoms are making me crazy. Lots of night hot flashes. They don't make me sweat just wake me up feeling like I'm a blast furnace. I felt like I was doing pretty well for a while now, I'm kinda down again.
    not looking forward to what I'll have to go through in the next months. I have great support but, I wish I wasn't feeling so down. I'm 47.
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    Welcome to the group. You will find lots of love, support and info on this forum. I'm glad the chemo has been easy for you. My sister is a stage 1c,never had any chemo just surgery. That was over 3 years ago and she is still dancing with NED~~~good luck~~~Joanne