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Does anyone use this or have info on this type of supplement? I've done some internet research on this particular topic and have found very interesting information. It seems it's not too common here in the states but is routinely used for adjuvant treatment for CC in Japan and has been for many years.

I've actually purchased this supplement, but I haven't taken it yet - I want to talk to my oncologist first.

Just wondered if anyone out there knows anything about this mystery fungus?




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    Dear lizbiz,Please remember
    Dear lizbiz,

    Please remember to consult a qualified medical professional (such as your primary care provider) prior to using alternative methods for cancer treatment, as you should be aware of possible interactions, side effects and/or complications.

    The American Cancer Society provides credible medical and nutritional information both at and through the National Cancer Information Center (1-800-227-2345) 24 hours a day. You may want to give them a call as we have cancer information specialists available around the clock.

    Hope this helps,
    Your CSN Staff