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Somebody did a sperm bank after quimo??????. We couldn't do it before so I called the clinic and we need to go a give them a sample , so theY can analyze it and see if the sperm is healthy. Do we have chances???? or is too late????? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!


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    Sperm Bank
    Hi Nobis, what do you have to loose try it, then you well know for sure. If it was me and that may be the only chance, I would go for it. Then you well have what you both want.
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    Why not try?
    They want a sample so that they can look at the cells under a microscope. They will count them to see if there are sufficient sperm and also look at their shape and movement to determine how healthy they seem. I know it only takes one sperm and one egg to make a baby, but the chances of pregnancy are best when there are thousands of sperm competing for the "prize". Fertility experts can advise you on what to do if the sperm count is low. Good luck!