Arimidex or Aromasin

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I need some advice on these 2 estrogen blockers. I have been taking arimidex for 1 1/2 years and am having problems with muscle and joint pain.I have grained weight and at times am so tired. Went for my checkup today and my Dr.suggested trying Aromasin for a couple weeks. she gave me a sample pack to try and see if it made a difference. However i looked it up and is stronger 25mgs compared to 1mg of Arimidex. Now i am afraid to try it. Has anyone switched and had better luck or are they all about the same.


  • Eil4186
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    I don't think that just because one med is more mgs than the other means its a stronger dose. I think that different medications are formulated differently and therefore are dosed differently. Give your doctor a call and ask before making a final decision.
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    I've been on Aromasin for over a year -joint pain and weight gain are pretty significant with Aromasin too. Hopr that helps.