not a tomoxofin candidate/finished chemo/radiation

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in early august..prior to that i had a partial i'm going to see my oncologist tomorrow for my follow up to the future...i don't want to miss any important questions i should be asking other than the there a site that could guide me to or send some questions to ask that you might not have asked but wished you had?? thanks!! hugs to all..Cindy


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    Have you already received the pathology report information from your surgeon? If you have any remaining questions about your tumor characteristics you can ask your oncologist. Ask about your chemo options and why one protocol would be preferred over aanother. I would also ask any questions you might have about what you can expect to experience during treatment. You may want to ask about your prognosis if you hae not already discussed it. My onc. gave me a copy of a printout he did on the computer----the docs use a program that determines longterm prognosis in regards to statistics with each and all of the treatments available. Thats all I can think of right now. Perhaps others will add to this. Eil