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i just wandered if anyone can give me some feedback on what other onc are saying about scans i had agressive mediastinal non hodgkins with super vena cave syndrome underwent rchop 7 rounds every 3 weeks i finished chemo in oct 07 had 1 scan in dec and i iwill not have another until this oct thats a 10 month wait my blood work is fine however the blood work was never abnormal which leaves me not knowing much the onc said that they dont like to give to many scans to young people because it can cause other cancers but 10 months that seems like a long time to not know whats going on just wandering others protocol


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    Jacky. There are so many types of cancer, treatments and protocols. And age is an issue with treatment and follow up. I had difuse large B-Cell lymphoma in my face and my follow up was every 6 months for 5 years. But I was 48 years old when I got cancer. I have had so many MRI's, Pet Scans, Cat Scans, Bone Scans and X-Rays that I suspect I glow in the dark. My doctors told me I had a 5-15 year life span as the lymphoma will proubly come back in my lymph system, so taking pictures of me all the time seems to be the thing to do. I suspect they feel quite secure in your case and want you to have a long life. And if something happens with your body that is not normal call them. 3 times they found other masses in me that were not cancer and didn't need treatment. But it took a month each time and numerous tests to sort it out. I really learned to hate the 6 month exams because I knew someone reading my films was going to find something. I guess its all part of having cancer. Best of luck Slickwilly
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    Hi Jacky,
    I had 6 rounds of the RCHOP, April to August of 06, for the second time. Mine was a recurrence. I was also treated in 1991-92. In 91 and 92, I had CAT scans with and without contrast every six months for two years. This last time, I have only had two CAT and two PET scans and since I'm a year ahead of you, that seems about right. You will feel like a hypochondriac for a while. I have, off and on, for the last 26 years. I was originally diagnosed in 1982, Stage IV.