I guess I should have started with, "I'm new here" instead of digging in without an introduction.

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Anyway, yes I'm new here. I've answered some posts and done a lot of reading of the posts - in that order. I don't regret answering the posts before reading...and that isn't usually the case. I often times "stick my foot in my mouth."

I live in VA, just outside of Washington, DC. I've been 'sickly' for many years, but just diagnosed 12/07, Stage IV spread to stomach, liver, lung, lymphnodes, intestines and colon. I thought I had a bowel obstruction. I was transferred to the womens hospital at INNOVA Fairfax Hospital, and I continue to receive treatment from a physician attached to that hospital. Treatment is going well, and like the rest of you; it's been overwhelming, tiring, and full of surprises. I've had two paracenteses, round one of chemo, debulking surgery, many hospitalizations for chemo sensitivity and I just began round two of chemo.

In between blood work, neupogen injections, Dr. visits, various procedures, and chemotherapy; I do find time for myself - mostly sleeping or watching TV. I'm divorced, not dating a soul and living with my mother...cruel and unusual punishment! I have four daughters, and I don't get to spend as much time as I'd like with them, but we get together as often as possible. Only one of them lives local.

People look at me funny when I mention, "cancer is my best friend." I treat my disease with the utmost of respect, loyalty and lots of humor. I don't think I would have made it this far if it weren't for my positive attitude...even when things don't always go so well! There is only one thing I'm afraid of in this world, and that would be Jail. I've come to terms with death...blah, blah, blah. I'm not religious and have found I don't need to be. I'm me, and happy that way. I keep moving forward, even when the chips are down. Sure I've had some serious set-backs, but I find real comfort in helping others; hence my contribution to this board. A cure is coming and my disease aids the cure. I want to be cured, but if I'm not; my disease may cure you.

My daughters just got tattoos - each the same and in the same spot on the back. It's a teal ribbon with four flowers (representing their birth months.) I was touched, and once I'm in remission; I plan on doing something similar. The delay in remission is the CT-Scan results (8/27) and learning how this round of chemo goes. I'm looking for this round to end possibly 10/31.

Until that time; I'll drag my butt to the infusion center, visit my Doctor with regularity and sleep as often as possible.


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    Welcome, Londa
    Welcome again...My wish for you is that when you finish the next chemo rounds, that you will be "no evidence of disease" dancing with NED too. It's good news. Keep us posted. Saundra
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