non small cell lung cancer new dx

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husband dx in july with nsclc adenocarcinoma they thought they could remove the rght lung but when they got in tumor was around artery and into ribs. meet with oncologist thurs to see whats next i'd like hear from some lung cancer survivors to see what you are going throught we are going to university of texas at dallas but have checked out cancer tx centers of america does anyone have any info on either place we would go to tulsa for CTCA tammy


  • Diane03
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    I too have non small cell inoperable cancer. It's wrapped around my pulmonary artery.
    I am not an authority on the different treatments venues. I choose to trust the team I am using. I do not expect to be cured, but I look forward to feeling normal for a while once I've completed chemo.
    Who knows!
    Good luck
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    nsc cancer of lung
    my husband was diagnosed in june08 with this diseae he has 7cm tumor in right lung cant operate spread to chest wall lymph nodes he did first chemo a month ago and almost killed him he has bad heart to begin with ended up in hospital for 4 weeks willnot do any more chemo want to try tarceva for lung cancer once a day pill will see oncologist tomorrow to discuss this best wishes to you and you husband mary