Mild chemo side effects

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Hi everybody,

I'm a newby still, I had my first chemo treatment (FAC) a little more than two weeks ago, my second treatament will be in 3 days. The first four days I was jittery, sleepy, but unable to sleep... i think it was because of the steriods I took those first four days. I haven't had any nausea, but I have had bouts of diarhea. Not serious. I have felt heat sensations in the tips of my fingers. Is that normal? And i feel a bit achy in my legs.

Is all this normal?


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    Sounds Familar
    What you are describing sounds all too familar to me. I had the same feelings, aches and pains. In fact, the decadron (steriod that I took before during and afterword) sometimes made me feel like a hamster in a wheel on one day, then a slug the next. I, too, had the aches in my legs. But, the good news is that once your chemo is over, so are these side effects. Good luck. I'll keep you in my thoughts. Hugs, Marilynn aka "The Hampster."
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    It all sounds familiar to me as well. The Decadron(steroid)that I was given for side effects kept me wide awake for 3 days, I had the same itchy/twitchy feeling in my legs especially during treatment. I had tingling sensations in my fingers and my feet and I also experienced lower back pain. Just keep in mind that soon you will be done with chemo and feeling better and better each day! Hang in there.
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    The look on your
    The look on your like a picture in an art museum that reveals ourselves to us. Looking at you I feel back in the chair myself (8 months ago)when my husband and I had a drink and cut my hair off. Fear so tangled up with hope that neither can be felt alone. Welcome to this site and I hope to hear lots from you...and see a post of you when your new hair comes in! Not that you are not gorgeous, right now, today! love, JOyce