Muscle Spasms and Pleura Effusion

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Hi, my name is Kim, and my father, age 64, was just dx with NSCLC stage 3b. He has a Lobectomy 2 1/2 wks ago and from the result of the surgery he has really bad muscle spasms and his voice is so frail now and raspy. The surgeon couldnt answer the question, Is it Permanent? I am just trying to get some feedback on this and also about the severe muscle spasms that he is having now from where they had to cut thru the muscle to remove the upper left lobe. After a CT scan was just done, it showed 30-40% of Pluera Effusion (fluid and blood) and was only treated with an antibiotic. A PET scan will be done next week to check if the cancer has spread to other parts of his body (brain, bones, etc...). I am open to any comments about any of this and greatly appreciate it. I know that Chemo is for sure going to be given and possible radiation. Just concerned here. Thanks