paclitaxel and pancreas /liver damage

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I had OC 12/07 stage 4 grade 3 . Had debulking surgery 02/08 and completed 6 rounds of Carboplatin and Paclitaxel in 05/08 . IN july 08 I found to have high blood sugar and high cholesterol ( both of which was normal for years on yearly checks , last check done on 06/07) So the assumption is the pancreatic and liver damage is chemo induced , possibly PACLITAXEL as some pancreatic damage been reported before with its use .
Has any one has sumilar experience ?


  • Ararat
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    Hi Madona,
    I did not know that taxol will increase your cholestrol and sugar!! However Liver and kidney damage may be..
    Madona, I may ask you also becasue you had the same stage and Grade yet mine is diagnosed as endometroid adenocarcinoma. Taxol. carboplatin did not help....aggresive cacer cell??
    did you have any problem with these two regiments or did you hear anything that, some other regimen may help... Dr. says this is best regiment they use?...
    thank you