MRI before surgery is very important

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If you are going to have surgery for breast cancer make sure you ask your doctor to do a MRI to make sure there are no other tumors.A digital mamo gram may not show everything.Thats what happened to me and now I have tumors that were missed .Stay on top of your care and dont be afraid to ask a lot of questions.My oncologist thought I was asking too many questions about my care when I discoverd that I needed an MRI before surgery and she had thought I had one.Now I am waiting until october for earliest appointment to get one.


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    Bless your heart for the reminder about being proactive about our care and treatment! Fortunately, my surgeon insisted upon an MRI, and ordered an MRI on the non-affected breast as well. She did this of course prior to surgery, and also after 5 years before releasing me back into the "general public" as it were! Sadly, we do have to fight for these things with medical costs rising, and insurance companies balking at what they will cover. GRRRRRR!

    Thanks for this posting~ you have no doubt saved lives!

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    Health Insurance Says its "not proven"
    I had the bilateral MRIs on both breasts prior to mastectomy on left side. Now the insurance co says the whole thing won't be covered because its not proven by medical documentation to be of value. I have appealed this and am waiting for a judgment. Anything I should be saying to this insurance co about it being really necessary???