Anyone have high blood sugar problem?

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Okay, I know its not a significant issue, but it is the one thing I have a problem with regarding diet. I am craving fruit but my sugar sky rockets if I eat it. I love eating dark cherries ( so good with bioflavinoids) and cantelope, which is in season now and rich in vitamins (I'm making myself hungry just thinking about it). I had a glucose intolerance problem before I was diagnosed with cancer, but it is worse now, after chemo, plus the cancer is in my pancreatic lymph nodes. None of my doctors wants to call me diabetic, nor do they want to treat it. I guess I'm not looking for solutions. Just want to know if anyone else has this added challenge. It's the middle of the night and I can't I'm here at the forum killing time.


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    What do you mean it's not a significant issue?!!! Of course it is, managing blood sugar can be a very significant issue! have you not seen Steel Magnolias?!!! :) Anywho, i haven't had that additional problem, thank God! I survive on fruit and chocolate! My daughter is pregnant with my first grandchild and is dealing with gestational diabetes, so through her I can understand how difficult it has to be for you. Are you having a problem finding things you can eat that help? My daughter spoke with a diabetes nutritionist and she says it helped her make decisions on what she can and can't eat. And good luck with the insomnia, i can definitely relate to that! Once the initial fatigue from treatment would wear off it was like my body was trying to rebel from all the bed time. My sister came to visit one week from out of town and we were up until at least 4:30 every night, one night we were up until 6:30. If i am alone with the chemo insomnia hits, i usually take Ativan to allow me to sleep. But hey, we got a lot of knitting, movie-watching and reminiscing done! Take it easy and let us know how you get along with your sugar! Mary