Mother in law new diagnosed w/ Linitis plasticas stomach cancer

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My Mother-in-law is 60 years old and has been diagnosed with this rare type of stomach cancer. It has not spread to any other part of her organs and we hope it is early enough to treat. I think she may have her entire stomach taken out and maybe chemo. Does anyone know anything about this cancer and what the prognosis is. It would be appreciated.


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    Hi. I am sorry to hear about
    Hi. I am sorry to hear about you mother-in-law. my best friend's husband who is only 36 recently received the same diagnosis. They were unable to remove his stomach as it appears that the cancer has spread throughout his abdomen wall. I have spent countless hours online these last few weeks trying to find any information that could help him. All I have learned is that this is an extremely rare cancer and that is seems to be equally as cruel. Your MIL's situation sounds a bit more promising than my dear friend's and I am praying for you. Please keep me posted on her progress as I would love to hear that someone can actually beat this thing. God Bless